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  • Mendix Native: Module parse failed, Unexpected character
    In Mendix Native Pluggable Widget, you need to update the native webpack file, If you are get the following error “Module parse failed, Unexpected character”. File Name: node_modules\@mendix\pluggable-widgets-tools\configs\webpack.native.config.js Add the…
  • JavaScript Floating Button
    Fixed floating action button using JavaScript, the button will appear at bottom right-hand corner of the webpage. Checkout, the below JavaScript code for reference. Create a new .js file and…
  • TypeScript Object is Possibly null
    TypeScript will peek an error message “object is possibly null or undefined”. Make sure to add/check the null conditional before accessing the object.
  • React JS Star Rating Application
    Below code reference, will update the color of star based on user click. Use “onClick” handler to extend further, if requires. Demo Link
  • React Module parse failed: Unexpected token
    In React Application, When you using webpack with babel-loader. You will encounter the below error due to file type. Error Message: You may need an appropriate loader to handle this…
  • Dynamic Web Application Using React JS + PHP/MySQL (REST API)
    Environment Setup: REACT: React is a library for building user interfaces, originally created by group of Facebook engineers. React as the V(View) in MVC. React Official Website Install Node.js and npm. Download. Once installation done,…

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