React JS Quiz

React JS Online Test

1. Which of the tools allow you to test React Application?
2. Which of the following Lifecycle phase are externally controlled by ReactDOM?
3. In stateless functional components, are we able to specify "propTypes" & "defaultProps" as a property on the function?
4. What kind of error types are not caught by Error Boundaries?
5. Which of the following are basic features of the react library?
6. const { blogger, programmer } = profile?
7. What type of diffing algorithm, React using to find the difference between Actual and in-memory DOM while "state"change/update?
8. What are the different way to pass a props into the React.Component?
9. Which of the following are parts of "propType" validation?
10. Which of the following "Events" are dependent on the browser specification in React?
11. In React, what this.setState() method will return?